We See It All

Our intelligent iSentry® cameras are always observing and when they detect an intruder iNET's trained, licensed employees are standing by to respond at iNET's Video Monitoring Station. iNET's staff will immediately remotely trigger local lights and sirens to warn off the intruder. If the situation warrants, iNET's staff will dispatch local law enforcement. It is our mission to mitigate any loss, then aid in the capture and prosecution of the person or persons responsible for the intrusion.


It's not enough to have cameras posted on your site as a deterrent. Many criminals realize that cameras are often not well positioned, not monitored or if they are, will not capture their image well enough to identify them.


That's why every iSentry® high-performance camera produces crisp, clear imagery that is monitored with sensitive AI-enhanced technology. Our cameras alert our trained and licensed professionals to anything out of the ordinary.


Once a camera detects something unusual, iNET employees assess the threat. They're able to respond immediately with sirens and lights – which are often enough to quickly halt any attempted wrongdoing before any damage is incurred – followed by contact with law enforcement and the customer.


State-of-the-art Sureview Immix® CS software is the operational background of the iNET Video Monitoring Station. Immix CS software incorporates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface for comprehensive protection.


Everything transparent and is audited. When your site is under iNET surveillance, every event that comes into our Video Monitoring Station is saved: every video, audio, text, call times, and other details of how an event was processed – is stored for a minimum of six months on iNET's Cloud Storage Servers. Customers have the option of extending this storage time for up to two years. Additionally, customers have remote access to this information via personal computer or mobile device and can download for permanent storage.

Our Video Monitoring Station is located in the United States. Your account is handled by iNET employees, never by subcontractors.