Video Content Analysis (VCA)

iNET uses intelligent camera systems to determine when activity warrants our review. Events are reviewed by iSentry® staff and based on iNET's standard operating procedures. Any customized site-specific instructions or appropriate actions are taken, including an immediate response with sirens, lights, law enforcement dispatch, and customer contact.

Virtual Guard Tours

Remote video/audio site checks are conducted at random or predefined times to verify gates are closed, lights are on and the site is secure. Virtual guard tours can also be scheduled for any activities that require increased security.

Cloud Storage

All events processed by iSentry® are stored for a minimum of 180 days and up to 2 years on our Cloud Storage Servers. All critical events are automatically stored for 2 years. Additional storage time is sold in 30-day blocks.

Monitored Access

iNET staff can remotely check identification and open entry points or gates for authorized personnel.

Video Escort Services

Video Escort Services available as needed around the clock to provide a virtual guard for employees needing an escort to their vehicles or other locations on your property. iNET virtual escorts are trained and ready to respond to any situation and remain on the phone with your employees until they safely reach their destination.

Video Review

As an additional service, iSentry® can review video footage to locate specific events at a client's request. This service is billed at an hourly rate. The located event is downloaded and video footage is available on CD/DVD or on the iSentry® FTP. iSentry® can also monitor your existing intelligent cameras such as Hikvision, Mobotix, and Axis. Contact an iSentry® representative at (210) 822-6400 to find out if your current camera system can be monitored.