“Don't ever promise more than you can deliver,
but always deliver more than you promise.”

"iNET delivers on our promises day in and day out."

Two individuals trespass onto a facility monitored by iNet. The quick thinking staff at iNet were able to prevent any damage due to sounding sirens and the alarm.

Two individuals on a construction site protected by iSentry cameras and Inet's Video Monitoring station flee after the sirens sound.

Inet staff was able to prevent an intruder from gaining access to a monitored customer's facility by sounding sirens.  Our cameras detected the intruder as he was approaching the facility.

According to local law enforcement thieves were breaking into business in the area.  Multiple business experienced losses.  Inet's quick response kept its customer from suffering any loss.

An individual walking through a storage site after hours is promptly chased off the site after Inet's sounded the sirens and alarm. 

Thieves cased a location before attempting their theft.  Inet's fast reaction time trigger sirens prevented the theft.

Individual cuts through the fence at an Inet monitored site.  Inet's staff sound sirens and prevent the theft.

Two teenagers are walking around a construction site after hours. Our Inet staff was quick to prevent any damage by sounding sirens.

Two individuals are detected by an iSentry camera.  When Inet's staff trigger the sirens they flee.

These intruders were caught by iSentry cameras and our iNet employees were quick to sound the sirens and send the intruders running without any damage to the property.

An invidivual jumps over a fence at an iNet monitored site and tries to steal an item. With our highly alert staff, we were able to sound sirens and call the authorities to protect our clients assets.  

Two teenagers were reported breaking into local businesses at random times. The Inet staff was able to see two individuals run onto the monitored site and then promptly sounded sirens to have them flee.