The iSentry® Difference

No two customers have the exact same needs. That's why iNET assesses each customer's unique site and situation to develop a customized solution. You'll get the right equipment and services for your business including:

  • State-of-the-art technology with patented iSentry line of surveillance camera systems, for highly effective after-hours interactive video event monitoring.
  • Immediate response to threats. Suspicious activity is met with sirens sounding, lights coming on, law enforcement called and customers contacted.
  • Our AI-enhanced cameras offer industry-leading resolution, video content analysis, and intrusion detection capabilities.
  • Permanent and temporary installations.
  • Professionally monitored in the United States by a live staff of licensed employees, trained and ready to respond to any situation that our cameras detect.
  • Virtual video escorts to keep employees safe, available on-demand whenever you need it.
  • Long-term cloud storage. Clients can access their footage and records for a minimum of six months.
  • Remote access. You see what our cameras see. View your site from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.