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Commercial Monitored Sites

The first step to a good commercial property security system is a risk assessment to determine the level of security needed which Inet provides prior to the installation phase.

Security measures used will depend on the risk factors associated with your particular building and property. It may include our advising you to cut areas around your property so that there is a clear line of demarcation between what you need us to protect and what is not your property. Our alarms, which are built into our pods are a clear deterrent to thieves and our Central Station staff follow that up with contacting the proper authorities. There is security video play back for your convenience, which will keep you apprised of what is going on at your site. Certain areas of the building may be more high-risk than others as well and require stronger security.

There are a variety of challenges when it comes to commercial property security which Inet is willing to take on and overcome.

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